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Welcome to J Cat Custom Glass Studio
featuring the artistry of Janet Zambai.

Thank you for visiting. To view a small portion
of my portfolio please visit the portfolio section
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At J Cat Custom Glass Studio, over 1,000, cabinet door insets are made each year, in 2005 they made over 1,600.  A great many of these

are made for Teton Homes and Wyoming

Building Supply. To view samples of cabinet

door insets click on the cabinet doors link.

To learn more about Janet Zambai, the glass
artist, view the Artist Biography page. To contact
J Cat Glass Studios view the contact page for a
full listing of contact information including e-mail

Let us create a unique design just for you!

email:   jzambai@msn.com

Tiger and rooster glass door etching by J Cat
Artist Janet Zambai's Artist Statement
Each of us is differently gifted. As artists, we each have our own unique talents and
abilities, and it is our obligation to figure that out. To discover ourselves and what
gifts we have received so that we can share those with others.

I want my art to be a positive experience, to delight and stimulate the imagination.

I have always been a peacemaker. I don’t like discord and chaos. I want people to get
along. We all live in this world together & we are a part of it. We are all connected in

There is harmony and unity to life that reflects in my work. The designs touch and
connect. They flow from one element to the next, like all of our different lives
intertwined. Similar, yet different, working together. None of us is self-sufficient. We
all need each other. We enhance each other’s lives.

I want my life and work to make a difference in the world in some way. I don’t know
what that is. I cannot control how others experience my work. I can only present it.

The Tiger and the Rooster (above)
8' x 3' x 1/2", two panels

This custom design was sandblasted on clear
glass for the interior entrance into a private
Casper, Wyoming home. Click photos to enlarge.
J Cat Custom Glass can also be found in many kitchens
purchased from Wyoming Building Supply. Click on the banner
to visit Wyoming Building Supply Online.
Glass Artist Janet Zambai from Casper Wyoming
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