Kiln Sculpted Glass-Is glass that is

           fired in a kiln and picks up the texture of what it underneath it.


Custom Cast glass counter top 1 1/4" x 5' long thick with custom fused

glass elements



3 separate fused art glass panels, each one 3' x 6' In the

Rubis Residence, Casper. Designer, Kathy McGinley, Eades Construction



 Back side of the fused art glass panels for

the Rubis Residence


Detail of the center panel of the "waterless"

water feature for the Rubis residence.



Custom Fractured bronze glass.  4' x 2'

In metal frame by Tom Bower

Ellbogen residence, Casper, Wyoming


Fused Glass, Fractured series, Bronze glass 2011



Fused textured Irridescent bronze art glass for the

Fitchner residence, Casper, Wyoming

39" x 24"

Above image is the front side of the glass,

below is the back side of the glass

Fractured series



New. 2011, Haystack series of fused

Kiln Sculpted Glass.

"Tropical Paradise"

26" x 25" x 3"

Currently available

Can be seen at Jacquies Bistro

Downtown Casper


"Joyful Embrace"

January 2011

18" x 14" currently available


Haystack Series, "Passionate Embrace" 

This piece was donated to the Boys & Girls Club of

 Central Wyoming for their auction, Feb. 5, 2011

19" x 14"


Haystack Series, "Emerging Spring" 

Currently Available

19" x 21"


Haystack Series


27" x 18"

Currently available



New January 2011

Earth Splash #1

Where the Water Meets the Land

From the Haystack series

The first of the series, January, 2011

currently available

18" x 16"


New January 2011

Earth Splash #3

"Heading into Fall"

From the Haystack series

19" x 18"

 currently available



New January 2011

Earth Splash #2

"Emerging from the Sea" Purple

From the Haystack series

Back and front, I can't decide which side I like best!

12" x 12"- currently available

Haystack Series, "On Fire" 

Currently Available

19" x 14" currently available



"Emerging from the sea"

Haystack Series,

Currently Available

18" x 14" currently available


Simply Water

From the bubble glass Series, 2002

Currently Available


"Water Flower"

From the bubble glass Series, 2002

Currently Available

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rachel McBride,

and have hired her part time to help me develope some new

textures for our line of glass.






Rachel McBride #1   Rachel McBride #2



Rachel McBride #3



                    Stratus Ice by Janet Zambai          Stratus by Janet Zambai                           


Each one turns out a little different.


Stratus by Janet Zambai

Wyoming Building Supply, Casper

Showroom display.

Feb. 2011


Geo Grey



Wave 2

by Janet Zambai

This is actually clear glass, photographed

on a black background



Wave by Janet Zambai,

This design came to me in a dream.


Spiral by Rachel McBride


Bordered  Bubbles


Geo-Grey Matte

by Janet Zambai


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