All designs are original copyrighted designs.

 Casper, Wyoming

If you don't see something that is just right for you, it is

because I haven't created it yet!



For something truly unique and original, have Janet create

a custom functional work of art just for you!


New 2013, Custom ordered Sink for the George residence, Casper



Included in the gallery Show at Haven Gallery

September 20 through October 10

Casper, Wyoming


New Series of large organic fused glass bowls


Red and bronze-

NCHS 40 year Reunion Bowl

July 2013

Marta Sasso collection


Large Bronze and Red bowl

22" x 6-9" tall

Fused and slumped

August 2013

New style, September, 2013

Kim Moore's bowl - 18" across by 5" tall


Rachel's Bowl

20" x 4-7"

Blues, greens and yellow

Fused and slumped


Power House

23" x 4"-9"

Red, black and clear

Fused and slumped bowl


Sinks and bowls are custom made to compliment your counter tops and decor.


Newest Design The Hexagon.  This one is in the Neumiller residence, Casper, Wyoming

It is Ivory, Bronze and black with some amber and silver accents. July,. 2012



These are two views of two different sink bowls that are Bronze, Ivory, and Black.

The bowls are 1/2" to 7/8 " thick and were custom made to match the granite in

The Neumiller Residence, Casper, Wyoming .  Some of the glass is irridescent and

picks up some beautiful colors depending on the angle of the light..

17" diameter and 5 1/5" tall.  These vessel sinks mount on top of the counter






Cody Swirl. Fused art glass Vessel sink.  Two views of the sink.

1/2" thick x 16" x 4"

February, 2012



Black Galaxy Fused Art Glass Vessel sink bowl.

Currently on display at Tanglewood Custom Cabinets.

Casper, Wyoming.  January 2012

17" x 6" x 3/4" black copper and almond.


Peach Grey and Almond with flecks of black and copper

flow through this fused glass vessel sink to compliment

this granite counter top.  Currently on display in the

Lavin Tile and Stone showroom, Casper, Wyoming.

Above and below are two more views of the

Fused glass sink bowl on display at Lavin Tile.




Two views of the first glass sink bowl that I had installed in

a private residence in Casper, Wyoming. 

Custom made to compliment the decor.

November, 2011



This " Mossy River" Fused art glass vessel sink bowl

looks like a Wyoming river captured in glass complete with bubbles.

Miracle residence, Casper, Wyoming

16" x 4" x 1" bowl set onto a black granite counter top.

The light above  the sink creates dramatic beautiful

patterns on the counter top.

February, 2012



Fused Art Glass Sink.

17" x 5" x 7/8", Micah and bronze  create

the perfect earthy colors that compliment an elegant

rustic look , so popular in Wyoming.

Currently on display at Wyoming Building Supply

In the Casper showroom.



Elegantly beautiful black and Ivory with accents of

bronze and copper  compliment the granite.

Fused glass bowl for the Miracle residence, Casper, Wyoming.

February, 2012



Smaller bowls are design ideas for other full sized vessel sink bowls.


Black, Ivory and Copper




Black with a variety of shades Micah powders


Indian inspired design with red, bronze and Ivory



Elegant and bold black with red and copper accents.



Rich and Earthy Bronze, metalic and orange

make a great combination for a Rustic and Elegant

Wyoming life style.


Almond, peach and grey make a great combination for

a lot of different natural stones, and other types of countertops.


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