We can create a unique custom exciting

Fused Glass Donor Wall to fit your needs and space.

Get something more interesting and exciting than a brass plaque.

for your donor's appreciation for their generous gifts.

A recognition gift of glass they will not throw away!


Let us create a unique custom donor wall for you. You only purchase the tiles as you get

the names of the donors.


Donor wall for Interfaith, Casper. The mural was painted

on a board 4' x 6 1/2'. Installed September, 2014.

The client is in a rented space, so we painted

the mural on a boar then installed the tiles,and attached it to the wall,

so if they ever move into a different space, then they can take

it with them.

Custom unique fused glass tiles with the names sandblasted and painted.

The different donor levels are different sizes.



New Donor Wall, installed 8/25/2013

For the New Youth Crisis Center,  Casper, Wyoming.


Detail of some of the stone tiles on the left of the wall



Detail of trees on the left side of the wall, with the

different sizes of donor tiles attached


Quote by Amanda Huckabay


Entry wall on left with fused glass tiles installed


Right entry wall with fused glass tiles installed


in progress

I started by painting murals on three walls


Main donor wall, above, is 16 feet wide by 9 feet tall.  It took me 5 days

to paint this mural.  I will make fused glass tiles with the donor names on them,

and install them on top of the mural, over the tree and the stones.




These two walls are in the entry of the building and will have donor tiles with

major contributing donor's names on one wall, and the other will have all of

the names of the committee members that helped make the dream of this facility a reality.



New donor recognition / Art installation wall.

at the new NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)

Wyss Medical training Facility in Lander, Wyoming

Installed March 8, 2013


When you step into the entry door you are greeted by the 9' wide x 16' tall donor

recognition wall. The tree was fabricated by Betsy Bower using rusty recycled

metal from the NOLS property.  The leaf clusters were fused glass recycled bottles.

The donor tiles with then names are fused glass that is sandblasted and painted

with the names of the generous donors that made it possible to build the facility.



Above left are some of the larger donor tiles, and right are some of the lower levels,

the leaves.  The leaf clusters are recycled bottle glass.


A few cast glass birds add a little interest to the overall design. The design concep

was a  colaboration by Janet Zambai and John Stoddard of NOLS, working

together to create the perfect wall for their unique space. 



In Progress-

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming

installed 2012


New Donor wall at the Dick & Lynn Cheney Cowboy Ethics Teen Center

at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming in Casper.

The inside section to the left and the outside section to the right, with

two of the major donors, philanthropists, Mick and Susie McMurry.

Close up oof one of the fused glass donor tiles.




First Wave of Fused Glass tiles with donor names installed on this 180 foot long

Donor Recognition Wall at Ransom Everglades Upper School, Coconut Grove,

Miami, Florida. This wall is the exterior wall of an above ground Olympic sized

swimming pool, and the campus is right on the ocean.  A tropical Paradise!

Mural painted and initial installation, April, 2012


The photo left is a portion of the Donor Wall before we started the mural, view from the

campus end of the Donor wall towards the Football/Soccer field...beyond that is the ocean!

View right, is the blue base for our wave wall, from the football field end of the wall

looking back towards the campus



My Husband, Carlo Zambai helping with the painting.  We free hand painted the waves

onto the wall.  Carlo is painting beside one of four viewing windows into the swimming

pool. Right is a small section of the wave wall design that is the background for our fused

glass tiles. The wall will have a nice design to look at while the tiles are added over the

course of the next few years.


Each of the donor names are sandblasted and painted on the fused art glass

tiles.  There are 5 different levels of donors for this Donor Wall. Each tile is slightly

different in shape, and that adds to the organic quality of the overall wall.



The logo of a tree was painted on one of the interior

walls at the office of Mercer House in Casper.

They are started a capitol fund raising campaign

February, 2012.  I will be adding a variety of sizes of

fused glass tiles to the Donor recognition wall to fill in the

tree shape with a darker shade of navy blue to recognize

their generous donors..This is updated as of January, 2014


Above left shown are the first three donor wall tiles installed April, 2012

Right the addition of the tree trunk and more name tiles March 2013



Sandblasted bricks for the Casper Humane Society.




20' long Fused Glass Donor Wall inside of the Boy's & Girl's Club in the cafeteria area,

almost  finished.   Each person that donated from $100.00 to  $1,000,000.00 was

recognized by having their name sandblasted  onto a piece of fused glass in the shape

of a splash of water or a foundation stone. 

Original concept and design by Janet Zambai,  Mural painted by Tisa Bilik.

   General contractor, Kloeffkorn Ballard, all of Casper, Wyoming, 2004.


77" x 34" custom Fused Art glass donor recognition wall,

In the shape of a semi...

with the names of the donors sandblasted and then painted on

this Donor wall for the Sharon D. Nichols

Auditorium addition to the Casper College Truck

driving education building. Casper, Wyoming,

Dedicated April 21, 2009



Donor names were sandblasted onto bricks for a fund

raiser for St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Casper.

They were installed into a walking path in a grotto beside

the church.


Thank You gift for the Committee Chair Woman, and all of

the sponsors for the Casper First Night event, 2012.

Fused art glass with sandblasted lettering .  The button on the

lower left is one from the actual event attached to the glass.


These little Christmas ornaments are signed limited edition

personalized "gifts" for the volunteers and staff of CASA of

Natrona County.  Each year they are different!



Custom sandblasted donor walls. Sandblasted on clear glass or

fused glass. Any shape or size.




2" x 4" Sample fused glass tiles for a proposed

Donor Wall for a client in Texas.

February, 2011


Fort Caspar Museum donor wall for the 2007 Anniversary

remodel campaign.  Donor wall fused glass tiles range

from  12" x 12" to 4" x 2" depending on the  level of

donation.  There is still room for more additions.

The names are sandblasted and painted on the glass tiles.

Close up detail of one of the 4" x 4"

copper level tiles.

We sandblast on stone as well as glass

Brick Donor Wall for the Boy's & Girls Club of Central Wyoming.  We sandblasted names on 750

bricks, which were installed on the wall shown above, and a partial wall inside of the entry way. 

The granite pieces were the larger donors, which we did not blast for this project.

The Boy's & Girls Club built a new facility in 2004, with the help of the generous donors, the building

was completely paid for when it was completed.





Meals On Wheels in Casper built an addition onto their facility. 

They sold bricks, which we sandblasted names onto. The bricks

were set into the ground, and will be removed so we can add

more names as they get more donors.


Central Wyoming Hospice, 4' x 4' Granite stone engraved with memories;

Granite provided by Lavin Tile, Casper, Wyoming


Donor recognition- Historic Trails Center, Casper, Glass donor wall additions.


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