Janet Zambai Stained Glass

I love to take photos.  My camera is never far from hand.


January 10, 2011.  -24 degreees.  6:45 AM

The view from my rec room window.  The

frigid air created a beautiful glow.



This is a   photo from the "Japan Night Light" series.

My son, Anthony and I were shooting in Japan,

and I'm not sure which of us shot which photos.


This is another   photo from the "Japan Night Light"

series. Shot in Kyoto.


This is a   photo from the "Japan Night Light" series.

The tower across from the Kyoto train station.




This is a   photo from the "Japan Night Light" series, 

One photo that was duplicated and flipped,

so it is repeated 4 times. 


A photo from the night lights series, of the dash

and radio in our Dodge Pickup.



December 26, 2008, A Bald Eagle landed on the fence

outside my studio to eat his dinner, with the magpies trying

to get some for themselves.


It was a snowy day, and the Eagle was starteled.

Another Eagle, either an immature Bald, or a golden

swooped down and ran the Bald off so that it could finish

 eating the bunny.



"Layton's Tree"

Digitally altered photo of a tree in Red Butte,

Subdivision of Casper, Wyoming, January, 2009.




"Ice Cold Heart"

November, 2008



" Grandma King's house"

(Isn't it what you would imagine?)

Digitally altered photo of the "Scotts Ranch"

near Casper, Wyoming, November, 2008




"Life's Journey"

Black & White Photo


"The Moon"

Digital image of the moon taken with a zoom lens.

Color and contrast were digitally adjusted. 11/2008



"Serenity"  This little kitty was sitting on the counter at The Ark Animal Hospital

in Casper, Wyoming one day when I stopped by. She had a really sweet

disposition. We all feel like that some days!




Night Reflections, July 4, 2005, Alcova Lake, Wyoming


A little twist of the camera during the July 4th fireworks

celebration at Alcova Lake, 2007, results in an interesting

abstract image.



More abstract images from the July 4th Fireworks display at

Alcova Lake, near Casper, Wyoming.  The photo on the left looks

more like a creature from the sea!


Casper Fall Colors


November Orb visitors outside of my studio.



Aspen Alley, Southern Wyoming, 2003

Digital photo unaltered.




Indian Paintbrush digital photo altered with Water color effect.


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