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Plains Hotel Skylight in Cheyenne Wyoming
J Cat Commissioned Skylight for Plains Hotel
Plains Hotel in Cheyenne Wyoming

Commissioned Work for "The Plains Hotel" in Cheyenne Wyoming
Details from the sample panel for the Historic Plains Hotel Resoration in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The sky light is 12' by 18'. There are 9 separate panels. Each panel has a different planet depicted in the center circle. The Plains logo was sandblasted, then painted with fired in glass paint on the panel circle representing the sun.

Photos by Janet Zambai

J Cat Glass Vase J Cat Glass Vase

Blown Glass Carved Vases

The vase is mouth blown in
Poland, with a flowing floral
wrap around design with a

"Amethyst Rhythm"

6" x 8" x 2 1/2" Carved Glass
Vessel. A beautiful flowing
design deep carved into a
mouth blown vessel.

Rose Garden Stained Glass Window Stained Glass by J Cat of Casper Wyoming

Rose Garden

Dr. Hugh and Mimi DePaolo Residence Casper, Wyoming. Each panel measures 19" x 48". Custom designed for a Victorian home. Incorporated deep carved and painted roses in the center section with the stained cut glass borders. This unique technique gives a delicate look to the design, plus it gives a better variety of options to choose from.

Bear Door Inset by J Cat of Casper Wyoming J Cat Medowlark Glass Window

The Three Bears (minus Goldilocks) Detail

Full oval entry door glass 5' x 2'.
Located in private residence in
Dubois, Wyoming. This piece was
carved into a piece of laminated safety
glass, then incorporated into an
insulated unit with a piece of
tempered safety glass, with the etched
surface on the inside of the unit for ease
of cleaning. Sandblasting on glass is
like drawing, and virtually and design
can be done.

Glass Design #024
- Medowlark

Shown with #18 peach seedy
outer border, #3 clear baroque
sandblasted in the center and
assembled with brass, lead or
copper came.

Casper Wyoming J Cat Glass ArtDaisy Panel done by J Cat of Casper Wyoming
Stained Glass Window by J Cat of Casper Wyoming

Yellow Daisies

Private residence in Casper, Wyoming. Panel size: 8' x 2'. Interior side light that incorporates the carved and painted flowers. The special paint used for this is powdered glass. The paint is applied, then fired in a kiln to make it a permanent part of the surface of glass. It won't fade or wash off with age. Detail shown left of the daisies. Virtually any design can be done using this technique, giving infinite design options.

Holy Trinity with the Lutheran Rose

This stained glass window is located at Mount Hope Lutheran Church in Casper, Wyoming and was given as a 40th anniversary gift.

Glass Artist Janet Zambai from Casper Wyoming
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