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We specialize in custom commissions

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 12' x 18' skylight  above the lobby of the Noble Hotel, Lander, Wyoming

Owned by the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Installed 2006.

I replicated the design of the original glass that was in the hotel.

12' x 18' skylight above the lobby of the historic Palins Hotel,

Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Installed 2004 



Platte Valley Bank job

December, 2012

Neal Coupens construction.

10 Sandblasted tempered glass panels

that span about 40 feet across and over 12 feet tall.

below is a detail of one panel.


4' x 4' x 4" Two pieces of glass, the back one green,

with parts of the design sandblasted on all  four

sides of the glass.  The logo was also painted.

New AMBI Facility, Casper, Wyoming, May 2010



6' x 30"  Mirror in the customer lounge at Fremont

Toyota, Lander, Wyoming. 2009

The logo is Sandblasted and airbrush painted on the

back side of the mirror.  Mounted in metal frame.



Jonah Bank, Cheyenne Branch.  The custom design

created for the Jonah Bank was sandblasted on both

sides of the glass.  Entry door above, and inside office

below show some of the transom windows. June, 2009


Jonah Bank, Casper new Main location, September,

2009.  the large windows were sandblasted with

the same logo as the other two branches .

One photo above and 2 below are some of the windows

in the new 2nd Street branch in Casper.




Sandblasted Sign for Kimmeri's Restaurant transom window

above doors into restaurant.  Detail of the design on the doors.

Trails End Motel.   Sheridan, Wyoming, May, 2009    

Photos above details (in my studio), below installed.

Bottom photo by Deve Wills, Wyoming Building Supply.




58" x 24" Window for the new addition to

Central Wyoming Hospice, Casper, December, 2008



Logo detail from a 5' x 3'  clear glass window

for Island's Sun Shop, Caper, Wyoming,

December, 2008



The three sandblasted panels above, each 48" x 39"

were custom made for the American National Bank,

Yellowstone Branch, in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  May, 2008

 Image below is the glass installed.



Set of custom sandblasted horses for the American National Bank

downtown branch, Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Each panel - 30" x 39"  May, 2008.

These sets are for a divider between the inside and outside teller lines.



Fused glass panels for the American National Bank, in Monument Colorado, and

Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The view of Pikes Peak as seen from Colorado

Springs, with the garden of the God's in the foreground.  Each set of three pirces of

glass span 12' in length, and are 39" at the center.  They are a divider between

the inside and outside teller lines.  May 2008.



American National Bank Lobby, Casper, Wyoming.  Three 48" x 39" x 1/4" pieces of

clear glass were sandblasted with Casper Mountain in the background and an oil Rig

on the left and pumping unit on the right.  These create an interior divider between

the outside and inside teller lines. 


The Logo was sandblasted onto insulated units

for Hilltop National Bank, Mountain Plaza

branch, Casper, Wyoming , 2008


Taco John's in Douglas, Wyoming

These pieces won the owners an award from the

Historic Preservation committee.  It was presented during

a City Council meeting in Douglas, Wyoming, June, 2008.

18" x 48" sandblasted clear glass for the Taco John's

restaurant in Douglas, Wyoming.  December 2007.


Three seperate panels, using images from the

actual historical photographs found at the

Wyoming Pioneer Museum in Douglas.

Images are from early Douglas, Wyoming.


Custom Sandblasted glass panels for stair way of


New Optomotrist's office of  Nick Brattis, in

Casper, Wyoming.

The design was sandblasted on both sides of the

1/2" tempered glass.


"Spectus", Casper , Wyoming, 2008.

Custom sandblasted drawer fronts.  Parts

of the design are sandblasted on both sides of the glass

In a flowing pattern that is reflected in the more than 100

pieces of glass in the office of Casper Optopotrist,

Dr. Nick Brattis.  From exam room doors, to

stair walls, to cabinet doors, and even a counter

top in the bathroom.





Wyoming Cardiopulmonary glass installed above. Same panels shown below

with different back light. April, 2007.



Three of seven panels for Wyoming Cardiopulmonary, Casper, Wyoming. Stained glass colors

pick up the colors of Wyoming, with the golden grass, sage green and blue mountains and skies.

7' x 30" reception area for new addition, February, 2007.



24' wide and 4' tall, 1/2" tempered glass panels create a

divider between the lobby and the King Street Market

at the University of Wyoming, Laramie. The image is of

the Vedawoo rock formations, which are popular for

climbing  and camping in the vicinity of Laramie.


Above, 16' x 9', 4 seperate panels are part of a moveable wall

system between the King Street Market and the Caffeteria

at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.

Below, 20' x 9' section.  The images are of the Snowy

range that is close to Laramie. Installed 2005

Above photo is the wall installed, the photo below shows the pieces photographed in

my studio  in Casper, Wyoming. Each panel was 4' wide, x 9' tall,

and weighed about 300#.





A Clear Cast glass panel 34" x 17" x 1/2" makes a great background for the

acrylic lettering for this sign for State Line #7 Architecture, Casper,

Wyoming.  Setting the glass away from the wall and lighting from the top

ads another dimension to the sign with the shadows cast on the wall.

Sign assembly and lettering by Superior SIgn Company, Casper, Wyoming.



Sandblasted transom windows in the Jonah Bank of Wyoming.  June 2006

Parts of the design are sandblasted on each side of the glass of the 28 windows

around the lobby.  Close up of a transom above an office door below.


Sandblasted granite in the lobby of the Jonah Bank of Wyoming, in Casper.

June 2006, 4' x 4' granite sandblasted with the Gas symbol used by Mick McMurry.

Simple yet elegant.


4 of 6 panels that provide a room divider between the

lounge and restaurant at the Paradise Valley

Country  Club, Casper, Wyoming above. 

Below is a close up of the far right panel.

Paradise Valley Country Club, Casper Wyoming.

Above and below 3 of 6 panels, bottom pieces are in the




Paradise Valley Golf course, May, 2007. Sandblasted granite distance markers and

stones that direct you to where to park the carts.


One set of thirteen transom windows that wrap around the front and

down the side of the Noble Hotel, Owned by the National

Outdoor Leadership School Lander, Wyoming.  Installed September 6, 2007.

The windows span a space between 11 and 12 feet for each set, each set

has three pieces, the center panel is 81" long, and all panels are 32" tall.


Two of the sets from the outside of the building, installed...




Transom Windows for the Noble Hotel, owned by the National Outdoor

Leadership School in Lander, Wyoming. The panel on the left is one

of 26 small panels that are about 28" wide and 32" tall for the windows across the

front and  down the side of the building.  The stack at right is 18 of the 26 panels

stacking up in the studio waiting for the completion of the rest of the panels. 

The larger panels in the sets that go between two of these smaller panels are 80"

long.   Installation is scheduled to be completed by the End of July, 2007.

Installation by Gary @ Bittle Glass in Riverton, with assistance from Janet


Skylight above the lobby of the Noble Hotel in Lander, Wyoming.

The National Outdoor Leadership School owns this property and is renovating the facility for

their campus lodging.  The overall size is about 12' x 18'. 




The final pattern, the center repeats two times. Installed August 2, 2006. 

18 panels, each one is 28" wide, by about 48'


8' x 5' Smokery Window for the Noble Hotel in Lander, owned by

the National Outdoor Leadership School.  We did a restoration on the

reverse painted glass sign, which was badly damaged by water.

The repair included gold leaf and silver leaf. November, 2006


Leaded glass window restoration.  We recreated the

upper section of this window to match the rest of the

windows on the second floor of the NOLS building.


We repaired several bent panel lamps and wall sconces for the Noble Hotel

restoration project, 2006.


Sandblasted window for Casper Classical Academy,

Casper, Wyoming, August, 2007.  Purchased by the

9th grade class of 2007.   42" x 48"

12' x 18' sky light above the lobby of the historic Plains Hotel, Cheyenne, Wyoming.


SK Insurance sign.   The image is sandblasted and painted on

both sides of clear glass.


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