The vases are imported, and the designs are carved into the thick glass.

All designs shown here are copyrighted originals by Janet Zambai.

"Gifts of the Spirit...from mine, to yours"


"Ethereal Joy!"

Clear purchased vase with my original design

sand carved into the surface.

This Vase will be auctioned of on Saturday, February 25, 2012

To benefit the scholarship fund for the Ransom Everglades

Upper School in Miami Florida.




Set of 2 "Tiny Vases"

Sandblasted and airbrush painted

Glass Vases

Both Sold

Retirement gift for an employee of Child

Development Center, a playful design.

Sandblasted Glass Vase



Two different views of the same vase, "By the Sea"

Currently available

Sandblasted  and painted Glass Vase



"Crystal Flutter" left and "Ocean Dream" right currently available

Sandblasted Glass Vases



 Sea Spirit Mini vases currently available

Sandblasted Glass Vases


Formal & playful Tiny sandblasted glass vase


Bev Reiner collection, Casper, Wyoming




Above Sandblasted Glass Vase Sold

And were auctioned off to benefit

CASA of Natrona County , On April 17th, 2010

in Casper



11" x 6" carved and painted Sandblasted Glass Vase. 

Currently available




                                                                      SOLD                                                    SOLD

Newest Sandblasted Glass Vases. 

Left 11" x 6" carved and painted "Hummer Heaven";

Right 7" x 1" x  4" teardrop "Cobalt Sea Spirit"-Dr. Nick Brattis collection

Through Navarro Gallery ,Casper, Wyoming



Spirit of the Sea. Feb. 2007

Sandblasted Glass Vase

The color is in the vase, with a Sea

spirit carved into the surface.



"Sea Rhythem" The deep carved sandblasted design wraps

around this little vase.  The colors of the Carribean sea

were blown into the center of the vase creating the color.




Sandblasted Glass Vases

Vase left was auctioned at the Wyoming Cares event,

April 15, 2007.  Snow Cranes in Bamboo, right March, 2007.




Sandblasted Glass Vase

"Fine dining" left.  "Succulent Snack" right, was entered in The Gallery of

Excellence, Professional Division at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las

Vegas, March 27 thru April 1, 2007.  It received first place in both Judges

choice and peoples  choice awards in the "Cold worked" division. 

Both of the carved vases were painted with PPG Candy Automotive paint.

March, 2007. Hummingbird series.




Hummer Spirits...sometimes the sandblasting is enough.

Hummingbirds float around the vase.


Sandblasted Glass Vase



Detail of my very first carved and painted Lead Crystal vase January 2006.


Sandblasted Glass Vase



14" Lead Crystal vase.  The very first, of two carved sandblasted painted vases .

One Sold at the World Art Gallery in California,

and the other sold at the Boy's & Girl's Club

of Central Wyoming Gala Fund Raiser on Feb. 4, 2006 , for $3,700.00. 

Both had similar, but different designs.




Thick clear vases 10 1/2" tall x 5" wide make a great glass canvas

for these designs that are sandblasted and painted. Humming bird

on left and flowers on the right. Painted with Badger Candy Colors.

Sandblasted  painted Glass Vase


Tiny 3" x 3" golden vase with aspen leaves.
Currently available at World Art Galleries,

Ladera Ranch California 

Sandblasted Glass Vase


Rufous Hummer & friends.  5" x 10 1/2" vase,

Feb. 2007- Donation to the Boys & Girls Club

of Central Wyoming.  Purchased by Steve Sasser

Painted with Badger Imagine Air Candy colors.

Sandblasted painted Glass Vase



This Sandblasted painted Glass Vase is 6" x 5 3/4" by 2 3/4" .

Hummingbirds are symbolic of Joy and delight.





The same shape, different colors. 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" the hummingbird

vase on the left is on clear glass. The flowers were sandblasted on a

green vase, and painted, and the inside of the vase was also

sandblasted to give it a different look.

Sandblasted Glass Vase



The Sandblasted Glass Vase on the left, 5" x 3" is a pale pink,

the one on the  right, 7 1/4" x 3" is clear,

both are sandblasted and painted glass.




Sometimes just sandblasting is enough! The large Green

Sandblasted Glass Vase on the left is12 1/2" x 7", and the tiny one

on the right is 4 1/2 x2"




Both sides of a painted 14" lead crystal vases.

Painted with Badger Candy colors. This vase was donated to the

Nicole Brown Foundation and was sold at an auction at the

Playboy Mansion for $2,500.00.  2006





Series of three Sandblasted Glass Vase with painted hummingbirds.

  The whimsical designs are carved into thick colored

vases and then airbrush painted.

Blue Fantasy left, donated to the Wyoming Cares Auction, and is in

a private collection in Casper, Wyoming.  Purple Passion, collection of

Tom & Sandy Lavin, Casper, Wyoming

& Dew Drop, (This one was knocked over and broken by the studio

kitties...maybe I should have given it a different name!  :)  )


Mouth Blown Glass vase, sand carved and airbrush painted.

George Bryce collection, Casper, Wyoming.  Donation to the

Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, May, 2006




Left, Deep carved crystal Sandblasted Glass Vase. Rochelle collection,

Saratoga, Wyoming, 2003. 8" x 10"  Right Deep carved blown vase,

Bob Seabeck collection Laramie, Wyoming, 2005.






  These three Sandblasted Glass Vase are the first pieces  sent to my

first official gallery,  World West Galleries in Washington,

Pennsylvania. check out their web site




Vases sent to World Art Gallery, Ladera Ranch, California.  December, 2005.


The pink vase was donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and sold

at an auction held on a yacht in California for $800.00




Custom sand carved vessels.  Each piece is enchantingly deep carved into

the surface of the thick pieces of glass.

Red vase on the left, collection of  Tom Judy, and Larry Moore, December, 2004. 

Teardrop vase on right was purchased by the One Shot

Antelope Hunt in Lander for an Art Auction August, 2005.





Cobalt blue Sandblasted Glass VaseVase, 2005.  21" x 10"

collection Phil & Janet Stout,  Casper, Wyoming. 

 Deep Carved Glass vessel ...detail at right .




50th Anniversary gift for the Ewart's, Casper, Wyoming. 

For their anniversary their family

went scuba diving in Hawaii.  This Sandblasted Glass Vase

depicts the fish that they encountered while

scuba diving there.  15" x 9" x 4"



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